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Mailing Solutions

Neopost, real facilitator of the mail function, is the European leader in equipment for mailrooms and logistics systems.


Mail-Related Solutions
Built on generations of personal and practical experience, supported by cutting edge technology, Quadient mail-related solutions provides accurate, timely, personalized, and low-cost mailing solutions. Streamline mail production at every stage, from filling envelopes automatically to rapidly posting outbound mail.

Our solutions are designed for all your
Mail-Related tasks:

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Postage meters & mailing systems


Quadient offers a variety of postage meters and mailing systems. Whether you're looking to increase efficiency in your home office or large corporation, we have the right mailing system to suit your needs.


Quadient IS350 – Digital Franking

1. IS 350 Franking machine


• fast accurate, weighing and rating
• understanding rates has never been easier
• track, confirm and save
• neostats – your key to savings
• quadient imeter™ postage meter
• STAND OUT FROM THE REST Personalize items and help promote your business with ad slogans, custom text messages, QR codes and company logos




Folder Inserters


Letter folding and envelope stuffing machines
Quadient letter folding and inserting machines make mail prep easier, no matter the size of your business. We offer low, medium, and high-volume document handling solutions that provide the highest level of productivity and dependability.

Entry Level letter folding and envelope assembly


The DS-40i automates processes and completes jobs quickly and efficiently.

• Assembling 1,000+ pieces of mail under an hour
• 2 document feeders
• 1 insert feeder for varied documents
• 4 different folding types

Medium volume folding
inserting solutions

DS – 64i

Dependably folds, and inserts up to 20,000 envelopes p/mth.

• Processing: 2,500 envelopes an hour
• 3 document feeders
• 150 envelope feeder capacity
• 4+ different folding types

DS - 77iq

Folds, inserts and seals to 40,000 envelopes p/mth

• Processing: 3,800 envelopes an hour
• High-capacity feeders & vertical stacker
• Wireless and LAN embedded capabilities



Heavy-Duty folding inserting solutions

DS – 85i

Efficiently folds, inserts and seals up to 60,000 envelopes p/mth

• Processing: 4,000 envelopes an hour
• 325 envelopes feeder capacity
• High-capacity vertical stacker
• Wireless and LAN embedded capabilities

DS – 95i

Folds, inserts and seals up to 80,000 envelopes p/mth

• Processing: 4,300 envelopes an hour
• 725 sheets high-capacity feeder
• Barcode reading technology to automate variable-page jobs
• Collates & folds up to 10 pages together
• Insert feeder holds up to 500 documents


Heavy Production Folder/Inserters


For High-Volume mailers

Ideal for high-volume mailers, the DS-180i folder inserter is designed to meet the productivity needs of your mail center

• Processing: 4,500 envelopes an hour
• 800 envelopes feeder capacity
• 4 mm thick booklets inserts
• 180,000 /month
• Fully modulable to your needs
• 8 sheets folding capacity


Versatile Mail Production

Fold and insert up to 300,000 envelopes per month. From direct marketing to highly sensitive mailings, including medical billing and patient information, to payroll and personal financial statements.

• Processing: 12,000 sheets p/hour
• 66mm thick booklets inserts
• Large graphic interface
• 8 sheets folding capacity
• Benefit from Inline Dynamic Envelope Printing (DEP)



New Solutions – Internal Tracking Solutions (ISITRAC)

From outgoing to incoming mail and packages, Quadient's suite of easy-to-use-tracking solutions
Quadient's Web Tracking System (WTS) provides reliability and end-to-end visibility into your internal delivery activity. WTS enables you to locate a package as well as trace its internal movement history all from your desktop or mobile app. Increase reliability, predictable service levels and elevate your mailroom’s value within the organization.

• Send Certified Mail electronically
• Advanced tracking for internal deliveries
• A single view across all your mailing and shipping operations
• Get mail and parcels out the door quickly, for less
• Manage and track postage expenses from anywhere
• Correct addresses, track packages, manage costs and compare delivery options


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